10 Best Wedding Ties of 2023

Colours are heating up and positively popping as we head into 2023. If you are choosing spring or summer neckties for weddings now, we advise you to opt for magenta, red, orange or yellow if you want to be bang on trend! If you want a more subtle number, but still want to be en vogue, then other great trending colours for ties are light to mid-blues, earthy or copper tones, or a hint of peachy blush. Head to Knightsbridge Neckwear for a staggering range of neckties perfect for weddings and any guidance needed from our team of neckwear experts!

  • Magical Magenta

We love this bright magenta tone pink floral tie and pocket square which is perfect to bring a pop of one of the trending Pantone colours to a wedding this spring and summer in 2023.

  • Funky Fuchsia

Staying with hot pink hues, this pink and purple floral wedding tie and pocket square set combines classic floral patterns with trendy pink and purple shades heading into any 2023 wedding, particularly spring or summer.

  • Deep Red

Another key colour in fashion for 2023 is a rich red. This is perfect to add to the theme of romance and true love at any wedding, so check out this plain deep red woven silk tie and pocket square set. This shade works brilliantly with a black suit and at any time of the year.

  • Zesty Orange

Orange is another hot pick for clothing choices this year, so head into a wedding looking fresh and fashionable with this orange floral tie and pocket square. We love this shade to bring some warmth to a winter wedding or show the seasons turning as we head into spring and summer in 2023.

  • Joyful Yellow

Keeping with bright options, why not consider a fun yellow necktie to bring some extra joy to any special day at a 2023 wedding with our gorgeous plain yellow woven silk wedding tie and pocket square set?

  • Soft Blue

Always a firm favourite for any wedding, blue hues are bang on trend for 2023, so snap up this elegant classic now: pale blue spotted wedding tie and pocket square set. The subtle polka dots add a fun detail to a classy colour tie.

  • Classic Deep Blue

If you want to avoid pastels, but want some trendy blue still, check out this fun twist with its deep blue and yellow patterns, which is perfect for a spring or summer 2023 wedding- blue and yellow floral tie and pocket square.

  • Stunning Copper

plain copper woven silk wedding tie and pocket square set

If you want to stay stylish, but fancy something a little different at a 2023 wedding, then we suggest a rich copper tone for a tie and pocket square set. This is a key shade for 2023, so get ahead now with this stunning silk pairing which particularly looks amazing with wool, tweed or grey suits.

  • Earthy Brown

Brown tones are big in 2023, but we think bringing in some trending blue is the perfect way to be fashion-forward and stand out from the crowd (of guests) at any 2023 wedding. We love this patterned brown, navy and white floral tie.

  • Peachy Blush

A warm and subtle peach or blush is both trendy and sophisticated for any wedding in 2023 and is a great option if you want a more subtle look for your outfit. We recommend this gorgeous plain peach woven silk wedding tie and pocket square set for complementing any suit colour perfectly.

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