Add Luxury to Your Wardrobe with Paisley Silk Scarves

Are you looking to change up your wardrobe? As we head out of winter and into spring, the last thing you may be thinking about is scarves. Especially if you are thinking of the chunky, knitted woollen and yarn-based ones you would more likely wear on a cold wintry day. What we had in mind, though was something a little different – silk scarves, like those available here at Knightsbridge. What is it about silk scarves that we think makes them so appealing?

Function and Fashion

Two of the main reasons why you should consider adding a silk scarf or two to your wardrobe is fashion and function. Or flair and function if that sits better with you. Basically, silk scarves that look great and achieve that iconic British fashionable look, similar to the mods and scooter boys.

Know this, though, if you are trying to make yourself look a little more gentlemanly and stylish, adding a scarf, whether it’s entirely necessary or not, will definitely do the trick. Many people are now looking for silk scarves also as a way of adding a cravat-style finish to the polo shirt/casual shirt and tweed jacket looks, to give it additional style and colour.

More Masculine Than You May Realise

The words scarves and masculine, especially when the scarves in question are made from silk, are not the most commonly paired words ever. That is the perception anyway. That silk would be thought of as being a bit more flamboyant and not rugged. However, when you choose a nicely toned paisley silk scarf to finish off your look for the day, you will find that when paired correctly and tied appropriately, it can look very manly. So, don’t worry too much, and just be bold about it.

Ideas for Wearing and Tying a Silk Scarf

To help give you some ideas, if you are really feeling out of your depth, we have put together a mini-guide to some of the classic ways you can wear and tie a silk scarf.

The Wrap Around

Are you looking to make a much bolder statement than one that suggests you just slung it over your shoulders and around your neck? You could try the casual but slick and cool wrap around.

Parisian Style

For a more in-your-face approach to wearing a scarf, where it is definitely the focal point of your entire look, why not try for what is known as the loop or Parisian knot. To achieve this trendy style, you need to make a coil with the scarf, put it around your neck, passing both ends of the scarf through. When you wear your scarf this way over a jacket, the safe will have a very voluminous look that will remove any pretence of subtlety.

Formal Way

Are you going to a super dressy, formal event later in the year, when the restrictions are lifted? One thing you may not realise is just how good paisley silk scarves can look when paired with tuxedos. Although we would normally suggest you opt for a solid light or dark toned silk scarf for this kind of occasion if it is not a strictly black-tie event, why not bring a touch more character to your look?

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