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COVID Scarves and Neckerchiefs

No-one really could have predicted the impact the year 2020 was going to have on all aspects of our lives. We are living in very challenging times indeed. Genuine fear and governmental restrictions have placed a heavy burden on us all. With some kind of face coverings being required in busy areas both indoors and outdoors, as well as indoors up and down the country, we all have had to get to grips with having a new accessory in our wardrobes.

Although fashion sense and outward looks are not as important as health and safety, as a company that has a real passion and developed a reputation for producing high-end designer accessories such as wedding ties, cravats, bow ties and neckties, we wanted to do our part to help out.

Safe but Fashionable Neck Scarves as Masks

The more traditional, almost medical profession-like face coverings are the kind you come across most these days. So many in the industry are getting involved and making their own face coverings.

Given our commitment to designing and producing stylish options that are safe but fashionable. Which is why we wanted to create fashion scarves as masks that you could use whenever you need to leave the house and want to look good.

Our silk scarves as masks are an excellent alternative to those boring options. As well as a wide variety of silk scarves masks, we have also designed neckerchiefs. These neck scarves as face masks help to give you a COVID-friendly but still great looking finishing touch to any outfit.

In keeping with the styles and era, we are most commonly associated with, our scares to wear as masks have a very 1960’s feel and are perfect if you love all things from the Mod trend.

Scarves Neckerchiefs

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