Explore Stylish Neckwear for the BBC Proms 2024

The BBC Proms is a highlight of the British summer, bringing together music lovers from around the world for a season of glorious performances at the Royal Albert Hall. If you’re planning to attend the Proms in 2024, you’ll want to look your best. Knightsbridge Neckwear is here to help you choose the perfect neckwear for this prestigious event. Whether you’re a fan of the timeless elegance of silk, the casual charm of cotton, or the rich texture of velvet, we have a wide range of bow ties to suit every taste and occasion.


  • Silk Bow Ties

For those who appreciate classic elegance, silk bow ties are the perfect choice. The smooth, glossy finish of silk adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Silk bow ties are ideal for formal events like the Proms, where you’ll be mingling with a stylish crowd. At Knightsbridge Neckwear, we offer a variety of silk bow ties in different colours and patterns. Whether you prefer a classic black silk bow tie or something more vibrant, like a deep red or royal blue, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

Silk bow ties are also incredibly versatile. Pair them with a tuxedo for a traditional look, or with a smart blazer for a more contemporary style. The luxurious feel of silk ensures that you’ll look and feel your best throughout the evening.


  • Cotton Bow Ties

If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed but still stylish, cotton bow ties are an excellent choice. Cotton is breathable and comfortable, making it perfect for the warmer months of the Proms season. Our collection of cotton bow ties at Knightsbridge Neckwear includes a range of colours and patterns, from classic stripes to bold checks.

Cotton bow ties are ideal for daytime concerts or more casual evening events. They pair well with lighter fabrics and can be worn with a variety of outfits, from a casual suit to a smart shirt and trousers. The natural texture of cotton adds a touch of charm to your ensemble, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

  • Knitted Bow Ties

For a touch of modern flair, consider a knitted bow tie. Knitted bow ties have a unique texture that adds depth and interest to your outfit. They’re perfect for those who want to make a statement without being too flashy. At Knightsbridge Neckwear, our knitted bow ties come in a variety of colours, from classic black and navy to more playful hues like mustard yellow and forest green.

Knitted bow ties are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair them with a blazer and chinos for a smart-casual look, or with a full suit for a more polished appearance. The distinctive texture of knitted bow ties ensures you’ll stand out at the Proms.

  • Velvet Bow Ties

For those looking to add a touch of luxury to their ensemble, velvet bow ties are the way to go. The rich, plush texture of velvet exudes opulence and sophistication. Perfect for evening concerts and more formal events, velvet bow ties are sure to make a statement. At Knightsbridge Neckwear, we offer velvet bow ties in a range of sumptuous colours, including deep burgundy, emerald green, and classic black.

Velvet bow ties are best paired with evening wear, such as a tuxedo or a dark suit. The luxurious fabric adds a touch of drama to your outfit, making you feel like a true VIP at the Proms.

  • Wool Bow Ties

For a more rustic and textured look, wool bow ties are an excellent option. Wool has a natural, rugged charm that’s perfect for those who want a more understated yet stylish appearance. At Knightsbridge Neckwear, we offer a selection of wool bow ties featuring traditional patterns such as herringbone and tweed, available in a variety of natural, earth-toned hues.

Wool bow ties are ideal for autumn concerts or outdoor events. They pair beautifully with heavier fabrics, such as wool suits or tweed jackets. The natural texture of wool adds depth to your outfit, ensuring you look effortlessly stylish.

  • Polyester Bow Ties

If you’re looking for a more affordable option that doesn’t compromise on style, polyester bow ties are a great choice. Polyester bow ties are durable, easy to care for, and come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Knightsbridge Neckwear presents a diverse collection of polyester bow ties, ranging from timeless solid shades to playful and unique designs.

Polyester bow ties are perfect for those who want to experiment with different styles without breaking the bank. They’re versatile enough to be worn with both casual and formal outfits, making them a great addition to any wardrobe.

No matter your style or budget, Knightsbridge Neckwear has the perfect bow tie for the BBC Proms 2024. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of silk, the relaxed charm of cotton, the modern flair of knitted, the luxurious feel of velvet, the rustic appeal of wool, or the versatility of polyester, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

Visit Knightsbridge Neckwear today and explore our extensive collection of bow ties. With the right neckwear, you’ll be ready to enjoy the Proms in style.

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