Finding Your Perfect Colour & Style of Tie for Wedding Suit

So, you have your big day planned and have lots of things to do between now and when your wife-to-be walks down the aisle. One thing you will not want to leave to the last minute is choosing the right tie to go with your wedding suit. There is a multitude of different styles, colours, patterns, and materials to choose from out there that can make choosing this particular accessory a bit of a headache.

That’s where we come in, with this post, we want to take a lot of the stress out of the tie buying process by helping you find the perfect colour and style of wedding tie for your wedding suit.

Necktie or Bowtie?

Although you could have started with a colour scheme first, we feel the best way to whittle down a lot of the choices out there is to decide on the style of wedding tie you want to wear. If you have a very formal black tie wedding in mind, this whole process can be skipped as you really should only wear a black bowtie to that kind of wedding. However, for all other kinds of weddings, you have the basic choice of bowtie or necktie.

Unless it is necessary for the actual theme of the wedding, the choice between a necktie and a bowtie comes down to preference and how comfortable you are wearing either.

One thing you may not have realised about bowties is that they come in both pre-tied and self-tied varieties. Pre-tied bowties are obviously a lot less hassle and mean your wedding party will have a more uniform look if all groomsmen are wearing them. However, self-tied bowties mean that you or someone who is helping you get dressed for the big day has to tie them. They can be quite tricky to pull off, so make sure you or someone in the wedding party is a bowtie tying expect.

Patterns of Solid Colours

Now onto colours and the first choice you really have to make with regards to the colours of your own tie and that of your groomsmen is whether you are going to have solid colours or patterns. Solid colours tend to be most popular, as they are easiest to match with the bride and wedding colours. However, paisley and striped ties can be easily matched too, though to make things a little less tricky you should opt for paisley pattern and stripey ties with no more than three different colours.

If you do want to go down the route of choosing a very ornately detailed wedding tie, you need to find at least one prominent colour in that tie that will match the wedding colours or colour of your bride’s dress.

Take as an example, ties with floral patterns. These are popular because of the connection between flowers and weddings. However, because they tend to be full of different colours, they can be difficult to match with the rest of your wedding party. You need to make sure that at least one colour will connect the tie to everyone else in your wedding party or at the very least, the people you are looking to coordinate and match with.

Coordinating or Matching Colours

By far, the easiest way to choose the colour of the tie for your wedding suit is by looking for those that match the bride’s dress. While some choose to have all the groomsmen and the bridegroom in the same tie and colour, other people find that they prefer when the bridegroom stands out from the pack. After all, it is his big day as well.

Another option is to have a neutral coloured tie, while your groomsmen have a tie that matches the bride’s dress colour.

As you can see, the options are endless. However, if you choose carefully and think about how the tie is going to look with not just your suit, but your bride’s dress, the groomsmen’s suits, the bridesmaid’s dresses and in fact the attire of the rest of the wedding party, you will be able to make the right choice. Trying to keep some consistency or a theme in the colours and styles of everything that the wedding party wears, including the groom’s tie, will ensure you have a great looking wedding that you will fondly remember, rather than one that looks like a disastrous mishmash of colours and styles.

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