How to Wear a Tie with your Wedding Suit

Choosing the perfect tie to complement your wedding suit is a huge decision.  You will likely have a colour or theme already picked out for your big day so, at Knightsbridge Neckwear, we have put together some ideas about colour, material, and style to help you make your final decision. Whatever your tie needs are for your wedding suit, we are on hand to advise you to find the perfect tie to wear to wed your perfect match!

Seasonal Looks

If you are having a summer or spring wedding, then you could consider a floral tie and also a pink or blue tone.  These work well with any colour suit, but pink does look lovely with grey or blue suits.  We love this Royal Blue Floral Wedding Tie And Pocket Square Set to complete your look.  If you are having an autumn or a winter wedding, then warm-toned wool, tartan, or tweed tie would look brilliant. One of our sumptuous velvet ties would look perfect at a winter wedding.  Velvet Ties: Knightsbridge Neckwear

Wedding Venues

Country wedding venues would be ideal to sport one of our high-quality textured ties. We have wool, tweed and tartan ties that would be perfect for this. Mens Tweed Ties | Mens Wool Ties | Knightsbridge Neckwear.  We also offer a range of 100% wool ties too 100% Wool Ties: Knightsbridge Neckwear. If you are getting hitched at a smart, city location, then a sharp, modern striped tie would be a real winner. We love this narrow striped pink and lilac tie PINK/LILAC DIAGONAL STRIPE TIE.  A yellow tie would complement any blue suit, we have lots of plain and patterned yellow ties for you to choose from.  One of our favourite picks is this blue and navy striped tie with wide horizontal stripes to bring colour and interest to your look BLUE, NAVY & YELLOW DIAGONAL STRIPE TIE.

Styling with Skinny Ties

If you have chosen a slimmer-fitting suit, then you should consider a skinny tie to work well with the overall look.  These also work well if you have a slender frame. We have a wide range of silk, polyester cotton, tweed and wool skinny ties ready for you to peruse Skinny Ties: Knightsbridge Neckwear

Patterned or Plain?

It can be tough deciding whether or not to introduce a pattern to your wedding suit.  If you want to turn heads, then why not opt for a floral tie or a polka dot?  One of the colours on the tie could link to your wedding colours, leaving you to make a statement with any other featured colours on the tie. We stock beautiful Liberty-style cotton ties which come with gorgeous pocket squares to complete your wedding suit look.  Buy Mens Cotton Ties | Floral Ties for Wedding

Black Tie and Bow Ties

Here at Knightsbridge Neckwear, we have an excellent selection of bow ties to suit any wedding suit, wedding theme, or wedding venue! If you are opting for a black-tie dress code, then bow ties really should be worn Mens Luxury Bow Ties | Knightsbridge Neckwear.  If you are wearing a black suit, then some modern grooms do now opt for a plain black tie. This is still a rather unconventional choice, but black shoes and a sharp suit could have you looking sophisticated next to your dream life partner.

To Cravat or Not?

Cravats aren’t commonly seen other than at weddings. Why not consider one of our silk cravats to complement a traditional wedding style for yourself and your groomsmen? Mens Silk Cravat

We have some lovely plain cravat to work with any colour scheme and some lovely patterned numbers too, such as polka dot and paisley.

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