Learn How to Buy and How to Wear a Scarf

Ties are something that most men have become accustomed to nowadays. There is no problem there. We wish we really could say the same thing about scarves. For some reason, many men struggle to wear scarves correctly, if they even bother to wear them at all. If you are interested in upping your neckwear game and introducing scarves to your wardrobe, we are going to discuss some important rules you need to follow when it comes to buying and wearing scarves.

Keep Things Simple

If you are planning on wearing a scarf as part of your day to day life, it is best to stick to either a very simple pattern or plain colour. Save the more outlandish scarves in your collection for nights out and when you are socialising, not when you are going to the office or handling sales appointments.

Keep it Masculine

Unless that’s what you’re into, remember to keep an air of masculinity in your scarves. Choose those that are definitely for men. Avoid animal prints and full-on murals. Nowadays scarves, just as they were in the past, had a mostly utilitarian role. They normally were used to determine and display military rank, after all.

Don’t Worry About a Bit of Flair

Remember though, masculinity and simplicity do not mean you need to stick to something dull. If your clothes are mainly black and grey, there is no reason why you can’t add a bit of colour, especially with a nice deep burgundy that shows a bit of character without being too far out there to be taken seriously. And we definitely don’t think you should avoid wearing a paisley pattern scarf, you just need to be a bit smart as to what with and when you should wear it.

Choose the Pattern You Like

Although the rules above should be followed if you want to look good, as is the case with any item of clothing, you need to find what’s right for you. Choose the pattern you like. Stripes and polka dots are good options, as is a basic plaid design. Checked or even houndstooth are also ideal. When it comes to colours, it’s best to stick to the “no more than 3” rule.

Choose The Right Fabrics

Although scarves are often associated with autumn and winter, there is not really any time of the year when you can’t wear them. For example, with a lightweight silk or linen scarf, you can protect your neck from sunburn on those, especially hot summer days. Whereas, during winter, woven cashmere scarves are perfect for keeping that icy bite of those low temperatures at bay.

Interestingly, when the weather is hot, although it may seem counterintuitive, when you wet scarf around your neck, you can keep your temperature down as it stops your brain from overheating.

Wear it the Right Way

This is the part of owning a scarf that so many men seem to get wrong, even though it really shouldn’t be as hard as they make it out to be. There are 8 different scarf styles you should try:

  • The drape
  • The single loop
  • The double loop
  • The Bib
  • The reverse drape
  • The false knot
  • Cross Bib
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