Mix and match ties and pocket squares

We have a whole gamut of styles, designs and patterns at knights bridge neckwear for you to make your pick from. Ties have taken the world of men’s fashion by storm because now they can be accessorised with formals but can also be used to express your personality.

Pocket squares are a staple when you are dressing up fancy, and now you can experiment with a number of patterns and colours. If you pair the right kind of tie with the ideal pocket square you can make a style statement that sets you apart from the crowd. Let us help you with some styling tips on how to mix and match ties and pocket squares. 

  • Prints and solid colours- Prints and solid colours complement each other in terms of styling ties and pocket squares. You can pick either paisley or polka dots and mix it up with a solid colour. If you want to jazz up your outfit, then going for a paisley or a polka dots tie and mixing it with a solid coloured pocket square can look incredibly stylish. If you are not sure about experimenting too much with your formal get up, but still want a touch of oomph then opting for a solid coloured tie with a paisley or polka dot pocket square can work wonders for you. What’s more fun is that you can either pick the same colours for your tie and pocket square or contrast the colours if you’re feeling extra playful. 
  • Stripes and dots- For occasions such as weddings and cocktail nights you could have more fun with your fancy outfit. Stripes and dots are the way to go for those gatherings that call for formal dressing and yet, are fun and relaxed. Polka dot ties and striped pocket squares when matched together give out a relaxed and fun vibe. Similarly, you could wear dots on your tie and stripes on your pocket squares for an equally stylish look.
  • Contrasting colours- You can never go wrong with contrasting solid colours. Pick a bright coloured tie and a subtle or pastel coloured pocket square and you are good for any formal occasion. If you don’t want a burst but a hint of bright colour on your outfit, then picking out a minimal tie with a more brightly coloured pocket square is the way to go. You could contrast colours depending on occasions like red and green or orange and black are perfect for holidays. 

These were our styling tips for playing around with ties and pocket squares. Make a statement and don’t forget to have fun!

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