Quality Wedding Ties For a Perfect Look

If you are tying the knot soon and planning out what you are going to wear, once you organised your suit, you will want to find a suitably smart tie for your big day. As there are so many different neckties available these days, it’s easy to get a little lost and overwhelmed. Don’t worry, though, as we are here to help.

In the following post, we are going to highlight some of the most popular tie colours and styles, to inspire you.

Black Wedding Ties

Although it may seem like a cop-out, a smart and sophisticated black wedding tie is incredibly popular. While you may just be choosing it because it’s your favourite colour or because you really like black ties, of all the available colours, black is the one that carries the strongest symbolic meanings.

It represents control, good manners, elegance, authority, and power. Although it may not be the most creative choice, it is the second-most popular colour choice for a reason – it will never fail to make you look good.

Paisley Patterned Wedding ties

A classic and lavish look, Paisley pattern wedding ties are for grooms that really want to stand out. Interestingly, the pattern was designed to signify eternal life, so it’s fitting for the “’til death do us part” section of the traditional wedding vows.

Floral Wedding Ties

If you are not keen on having a wedding tie with a solid block or two of colours for your big day, you may prefer a similarly outlandish design to that of a paisley tie in the form of a floral wedding tie. These are incredibly popular because they are available in a wide range of different colours with different floral patterns. Flowers in themselves have a strong connection to weddings and marriage. Flowers also, particularly when featured on a tie, represent a happy and fruitful future, the beauty of being in relationships, maturity, growth, and life.

Ivory Wedding ties

There is no reason why the bride should be the only one wearing something ivory-white. Ivory wedding ties are excellent choices for your wedding suit because they tie in with the traditional colour schemes associated with weddings. You have the added bonus that if your wife-to-be has an ivory dress, and you have a darker coloured suit, your tie will complement and draw even more attention to her beautiful gown.

Ivory has been said to represent good faith, and in a wedding scenario, this lets everyone know how sure you are that you have made the right choice in a partner and in getting married.

Gold Wedding Ties

You only get married once and may only get one opportunity to wear a gold tie without feeling a little overdressed. Gold has a lot of symbolic meanings including wealth, prosperity, passion, wisdom, and compassion – all great symbols of what is hopefully to come after the first day in the next chapter of your life.

At Knightsbridge, they specialise in beautifully crafted and smart wedding ties for all tastes. So, even if you have yet to settle on a colour or style, you’re bound to find one that appeals to your unique character and taste.

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