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Our stylish range of pocket squares are a perfect complement to modern wedding suits. It is now very popular to wear regular style ties, tied in a full Windsor knot for your big day, coordinated with a matching pocket square.

Outdoors, rustic, bohemian and relaxed weddings are continuing to be the new trend and with this style of wedding, so continues the trend for pocket squares matching wedding ties.

The latest trend and etiquette for the mens wedding party is to wear ties and pocket squares that coordinate with the groom. It is no longer essential for the groom’s party to match the colour of their ties to the bridesmaid dresses and wedding flowers. In fact, we advise all our couples not to get too caught up in colour matching, especially if you want to create a unique look for your wedding. It is often about creating your own individual look that gives you the confidence to relax and enjoy your experience of a lifetime.

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