Stylish Men’s Ties For 2021

A tie is an essential accessory if you are dressing to impress. Whether it’s a job interview, a wedding or any other social event you can look effortlessly classy in a tie. You can mix up your ensemble depending upon the occasion that you’re attending just by changing your tie. Ties have been a timeless accessory and they are here to stay in 2021. Here are some of our favourite picks that you can put together with your attire to stand out.

Printed ties- Gone are the days when ties used to be monochrome. They are now available in a variety of prints which are perfect when you want to spice up your work wardrobe a little. Silk ties features a range of novelty printed ties that are perfect for expressing your personality. Small prints that feature cats, dogs or birds on your tie not only look adorable, but also at the same time become an expression of yourself. Fashion in 2021 is all about self-expression, and ties are here to deliver. 

Geometric patterns- Geometric patterns are bound to attract attention. These are great for both social and work wear. A geometric tie is a wardrobe staple for those days that you want to add pizzaz to your outfit. You might pick something silk ties with minimal geometric pattern from Stovel & Manson, or some bold and statement pieces.

Floral prints- Floral prints have been in fashion for quite some time, and they are still in demand in 2021. At Knights bridge neckwear we have a range of pastel shades with floral prints that look stunning with a white shirt or grey suit. Mint, lilac and pink, all of the colours that look sophisticated and soothing to the eye. These are perfect for special occasions like weddings. We love them because they ooze class!

Stripes and Tartan ties- Another wardrobe must-have is a striped tie. Stripes can lift the character of an outfit instantly. You can go for both for a fun party look or a professional look with the right kind of stripes. Go for a classic collection of striped ties in bright colours. 

Tartan ties are gaining more popularity by the day because they look classy with any solid coloured shirt or tux. For example, the blue and white tartan silk tie would look great with a white shirt and black trousers. Even tartan bow ties can jazz up your basic white t-shirt. 

Keep an eye for bow ties in prints, geometric and stripes because they are a raging vogue in both men’s and women’s fashion wear in 2021. You can go for a classy look with solid coloured bow ties, and a more easy-going look with prints, polka dots, and stripes. Get your hands on these wardrobe staples for 2021 and make a statement with your fashion!

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