The Best Men’s Tie for Groomsmen

One of the tasks high up on your wedding to-do list as a groom is to ask those important guys in your life if they will be your groomsmen. After that though, you then need to figure out what they are going to wear so that everything works well together on the big day, and that includes choosing ties for them.

You will find that when you come to browse different men’s ties designed with weddings in mind, there are a variety of materials, patterns, and colours to choose from. As well as different styles and shapes. This can make your decision incredibly difficult. So how, then, do you choose the best men’s tie for your groomsmen? In the following post, we are going to break down the search process and highlight the main things you should consider.

Choose the Right Type of Tie

Before you start looking at materials, patterns, and colours, you need to think about the type of ties you want your groomsmen to be wearing. It’s likely that the first type of tie that came into your head when you first considered what your groomsmen might wear, was a traditional, but smart, necktie. However, if you feel a normal necktie is not going to cut it you could consider one of the alternatives like a bowtie, great for casual looks, ascot, perfect for formal wear and ideal with a tux.

Although there are no rights and wrongs, you will want to keep in mind the wedding theme and make sure the ties match the rest of your groomsmen’s attire.

Do You Want All Groomsmen Ties to Match?

After figuring out the type of tie you think is best, you need to ask yourself the above question. If you are doing things the traditional way, the groom, best man, and other groomsmen all wear the same wedding attire, including a tie. Therefore, if you want to stick with the traditional route, you should look to buy matching ties in the same colour as one of the colours of your wedding theme.

However, there are no rules about staying traditional. If you look at recent wedding party trends, even bridesmaids’ dresses do not have to match, so there’s no reason why groomsmen ties have to either.

One word of caution we would issue with regards to groomsmen ties being mismatched is that you want them to look what we would call ‘purposely mismatched’. That is, rather than all groomsmen looking like they just wore any old tie they fancied, there is some sort of visual consistency and something that ties them all together.

For instance, if you want all the groomsmen ties to be different, it’s best then to make sure they are the same colour and on the reverse, if you want them to be different colours, it is best they are the same type.

Choose the Tie Colours and/or Patterns

Once you’ve decided on the above aspects of the groomsmen’s ties, you need to think about the colours and/or patterns. If you are keeping things relatively traditional, you should consider solid colour ties like grey and black. Where there is a specific colour related to your wedding theme and party, you should get ties in that colour.

You are not restricted by those options though, because if you want something a bit more visually interesting you may choose a tie with a pattern. The only thing you should worry about is choosing one that is too loud and lairy as this could clash or grab greater attention from you and your wife-to-be.

Make Sure The Groomsmen Ties Match the Rest of the Wedding Attire

You must have all your groomsmen try on the ties you have selected to make sure they go with everything they are going to wear to the wedding. You also need to check it coordinates well with what you, your bride and bridesmaid wear.

Choose Ties That Are Best For You, Your Wedding and Your Groomsmen

Ultimately, you need to choose ties that are best for you, your groomsmen, and the wedding. Rather than trying to stick to traditions for tradition’s sake. Choose something right for you all personally.

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