The Gentleman’s Guide to Accessorising

A modern man’s attire is incomplete without accessories. While some accessories are for the sake of convenience, some are purely for the sake of fashion. You ought to love both and style them accordingly to up your dress-up game. If you can put the right accessories together for your outfit, be it casual or formal, you will instantly feel a difference in your style statement. We’ve put together a list of our top ten favourite accessories that accentuate your look.

  • Scarves- Autumn, winter and spring are the seasons to deck up with scarves. Light, colourful, floral patterns are ideal for a spring look. Whereas in autumn and winter you can opt for earthy tones and heavier scarves. 
  • Ties- Ties are a must wear if you are putting together a dressier or formal look. They come in a huge variety of colours, designs and prints. Just make a pick depending on the occasion and you are good to go. You can never go wrong with a tie when you want to keep things fancy.
  • Tie clips- Tie clips take your tie game up a notch. These elegant pieces add more character to a plain tie.
  • Cufflinks- Cufflinks scream class and professionalism. If you are suiting up, cufflinks are a must. You can choose chrome, or bright novelty cufflinks depending on your style and social situation.
  • Pocket squares- Pocket squares never go out of style and remain classy till date. When dressing up for a formal occasion you can add a touch of class to your shirt or tux by wearing a pocket scarf. Keep it classy with solid colours or express your funk with patterned and bright coloured pocket squares.
  • Cravats- Cravats are gaining more and more popularity in formal ensembles for occasions like weddings and cocktail parties. You can give your outfit a little bit of an edge by replacing the classic tie with a satin cravat. They look sophisticated and luxurious at the same time, and definitely add more character to your formal wear.
  • Bowties- Bowties are perfect if you are not going for a stiff formal look. For brunches, parties, weddings and other social gatherings that call for formal wear, bowties have made a strong statement. You could add a pop of colour or prints to give more definition and uniqueness to your look. Bowties are here to stay and for the right reasons!
  • Braces- Men’s Braces are a great accessory. They not only give your clothes a personal look but are also very functional.    Gent’s Braces support your trousers like a belt – but unlike a belt, they don’t pinch your waist. Braces aren’t just a fancy and practical accessory;  We also see more and more braces popping up in the latest trends. In everyday life, there are no rules for wearing braces and you choose the style you like, for example, you can wear braces with jeans or chinos, maybe even with plaid pockets or a V-neck sweater.

There you have it! Your own guide to accessorising from Knights Bridge Neckwear. We have a whole range of neck accessories for you to choose from. Make a statement with your outfit, pick the right accessories from Knights Bridge Neckwear

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