The Knightsbridge Neckwear Guide to Ties and Pocket Squares

Wearing a tie means something. It allows you to express yourself and your style in a variety of ways.  With such a wide range to choose from at Knightsbridge Neckwear, you will find a tie for any need or occasion.

A Bold Choice

Take a look at some of our checked ties for an eye-catching signature look.  These patterns will allow you to show off your creative side, whilst still being stylish, elegant, and smart. We also have some brilliant, more traditional patterns if you prefer a more conservative look.  Take a glance at our paisley silk ties or our spotty numbers.

Stylish Florals

We have a wide range of beautiful floral patterned ties.  We have many silk and cotton ties to suit your occasion needs and to complement any suit style and colour. Choose from larger prints to grab people’s attention, to smaller more subtle flowers.  These ties are perfect for weddings and christenings in particular.

Tonal Ties

Another direction for an elegant and smart necktie choice is to opt for a traditional tweed or wool tie.  We have a great range of plainer ties and also check and tartan choices too.  These allow you to subtly express yourself, whilst keeping the tones more natural and muted for any occasion.  Tweed and wool work particularly well for autumn and winter events and for more smart-casual occasions too.

Styling Tips for Neckties

Regardless of your height, we would advise that the tip of your tie sits right at your beltline.  Most people prefer a regular knot, so perhaps take some time to learn and perfect a standard knot such as the four-in-hand which is elegant and stylish, without being over the top. A skinny tie can work for a modern look and be fun, working well for a more relaxed style.  Wider ties tend to be more formal and look great with both a jacket, tucked into a waistcoat, or just paired with your favourite shirt.  Plain ties work well with a patterned shirt- why not choose one of the colours from the pattern for a coordinated look.  Or, you could opt for a fun contrasting combination such as a pink tie with a blue patterned shirt for a more individual look.

Pocket Squares for Extra Flair

What suit or jacket is complete without a pocket square?  Here at Knightsbridge Neckwear, we have an abundance for you to choose from.  We offer sets with matching ties, but also a variety of individual pocket squares so you can match them to any ties you already have at home. Another way to utilise a pocket square is to mix and match and have some fun!  Why not pair a royal blue tie with a navy tone pocket square?  Or a plain pink tie with a fresh floral patterned pocket square.  There are so many options- just ask us for any advice needed on how to combine neckties and pocket squares to create your perfect finished look.

How to Style Your Pocket Square

Pocket squares aren’t just there to tuck inside a pocket any old way and simply leave there.  There are different ways to fold and style your pocket square, creating different looks for different occasions.   You could opt for a straight edge fold that sits just about your pocket in a rectangular shape.  A one-point fold is more of a traditional way to style your pocket square, using a triangle to feature it. You could use a more relaxed puffed pocket style or perhaps opt for a more complex two or four-point fold for more formal occasions.

Whatever your necktie and pocket square needs, you are sure to find what you are looking for and more at Knightsbridge Neckwear.

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