The Perfect Paisley Tie for a Rustic -Themed Wedding

You might be interested in rustic wedding colours if you’re gravitating towards a rustic wedding. Rustic weddings may easily make your special day one to remember, and wedding colours can make all the difference and this includes your finishing touches such as ties!

Every rustic wedding is distinct and memorable. Some have a more earthy feel, while others have a more pastoral countryside vibe. At Knightsbridge Neckwear, we have pulled together some great Paisley ties to suit your rustic-themed wedding colours.

Earthy Tones

If you are fully embracing the earthy rustic colours for your wedding, then you should consider a natural green or brown-toned tie for your big day. We love this subtle Sage Green Paisley Tie and Pocket Square and think you can’t go wrong with this classic look Retro Brown Paisley Skinny Silk Tie. If you are after a nature-themed tie, then a bird print could bring your look that extra rustic edge- such as this fun Paisley Design Pheasant Silk Tie.

Rustic Greens

Green is a natural and fresh colour for a rustic-themed wedding. There are many great options for green Paisley ties, but a few favourites are this Green/White Paisley Silk Skinny Tie, our stunning Light Green/Blue Paisley Woven Silk Tie and also this gorgeous deeper green shade featured on our Racing Green Skinny Tie and Pocket Square set.

Sunshine Palette

Many people love to add a splash of sunshine to their wedding day with flower choices such as sunflowers. Why not bring in more zest with a yellow or orange tie to bring the whole day’s look together? Check out this fun Yellow Polka Dot Paisley Tie and Pocket Square or perhaps a zingy yellow/sky blue silk skinny tie? You could also consider a deeper end of the sunshine theme and opt for a deep Orange Paisley Tie and Pocket Square set.

Warm Peachy Tones

Another great Paisley tie colour for a rustic-themed wedding is to choose a warm peach or pink-toned tie, which links beautifully with flowers and sunsets. Some elegant choices are this Dusky Pink Paisley Tie and Pocket Square and also this Pink Paisley Tie and Pocket Square. We love this Coral Paisley Design Tie and Pocket Square too.

Natural and Elegant

Not all rustic-themed weddings call for bright colours. Some people prefer to choose a more elegant or natural for their Paisley print tie. We recommend this sophisticated Beige Paisley Tie and Pocket Square or this stunning Cream and Blue Paisley Woven Silk Tie. Champagne or golden Paisley prints also work brilliantly for natural and elegant rustic-themed weddings.

Deep Colours

Rich, bold and deep colours can really complement your look at a rustic wedding, so bring a splash of brave colour into your Paisley tie with options such as this Purple and Silver Paisley Wedding Silk Tie and Pocket Square or perhaps this Green and Gold Paisley Tie and Pocket Square Set. You want your neckwear to make a real statement n your big day, so be brave and bold!

Nature’s Rainbow

When having a rustic-themed wedding, these are often set in the countryside. We think a great way to acknowledge and rejoice in nature’s beauty on these happy days, is to embrace the colours of the rainbow in a brightly coloured Paisley patterned tie! Some fab examples of gorgeous coloured ties are this Purple and Sky Blue Paisley Wedding Tie and Pocket Square Set and this Baby Pink/Blue Paisley Tie. A great option to achieve a deeper look on cooler days at a rustic wedding it to bring some warmth in with a lovely Red / Tan Paisley Tie And Pocket Square Set.

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