This Valentine’s Day become the Magi of Gift Giving

It is that time of the year again when love is in the air- new love blooming and old bonds strengthening. Amidst the joy and celebration of love, don’t let the stress of gift giving get the better of you. Exchanging gifts should be fun and a marker of love and, not something that leads you to apprehensions and worries for days and weeks before Valentine’s day. With a wide range of tasteful collection of menswear apparels, Knightsbridge Neckwear will help you rediscover the joy in picking the perfect gift for the love of your life.

At Knightsbridge Neckwear we focus on the perfection of the details of dressing up, and specialise in curating accessories that level up men’s dressing game. We believe that there is more to a man’s attire than just shirts and pants, they could me made highly nuanced by adding special touches that can make their look edgy and sharp. Let your loved one know that you truly care about the little yet crucial details of their lifestyle by picking up a piece from our website that truly complement’s your partner’s style statement. Nothing is as elegant an accessory like a beautifully crafted scarf, and we have scarves in a plethora of patterns and different textures. From printed silk scarves, brushed silk scarves, paisley silk scarves to cotton scarves, knitted scarves, lambswool scarves- we have it all and more.
Our collection of ties has something for every man, whether your dear one loves dressing formal and clean or they love adding quirk and edge to an otherwise formal outfit, we have got you covered with our special range of neckties and bow ties. You can make your pick according to the colour palette and aesthetic that your partner aims usually when they put together an outfit. Or if you want them to experiment with their style, pick a texture and pattern which they have never tried before, so that they can explore more options and arrive at a wonderful new style statement. Our ties are designed to perfection and come in silk, polyester, knitted and velvet textures, and each of these textures are available in various styles giving you the freedom to choose from a lot of options.

Some of our other statement pieces that make for a perfect gentleman’s apparels are our cravats and pocket squares, these are very intricate and delicate pieces of clothing. Cravat and pocket squares are complementary items of formal wear that go very well together when matched in terms of colour and pattern. We have silk squares, printed silk squares, woven squares, polyester squares, tweed wool squares and cotton squares. To complement pocket squares we have an exquisite collection of cravats in paisley silk and in a variety of colours, prints and patterns.

Let your man explore the art of intricate styling with Knightsbridge Neckwear’s luxuries ties, cravats and scarves. If they are already into accessories then our neck wears and pocket squares are something that will hold a special place in their heart, particularly because it comes with love and adoration from their partner. This Valentine’s day don’t sweat about finding the ideal gift for your man because we have your back. Focus on the special details of their life, the intimate and memorable moments you spent together, let your gift reflect the essence of your relationship. Let colours and prints speak, if you want to break free from the convention of associating the colour red with Valentine’s. Browsing through our collection will be in itself a joyous exercise preceding the special day. Finally, don’t forget to indulge completely, heart and soul, in the celebration of bond and partnership and make it memorable with tokens of love from Knightsbridge Neckwear.

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