Tie Colour – Learn the Meaning Behind Each Colour

There is no denying that the tie is one of the most powerful accessories a man can have in his wardrobe. There are many great influencers, business experts and psychologists that will tell you that a well-chosen tie can make the best first impression, depending on the mood you are trying to convey and the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Have you ever wondered what different tie colours mean? In the following article, we are going to look at different tie colours and discuss just exactly what they mean and the kind of impression they are projecting. Something you will want to consider when choosing the tie colour for your wedding.

Black Ties

Black Ties are synonymous with formal events and fancy dinner parties. Black ties are best saved for those kinds of events. Black ties look great with a black shirt and a black or charcoal grey suit.

Brown Ties

As a tie colour, brown projects the image of someone who is very practical, but down to earth. Knowledge, practicality and reliability are all symbolised by this smart colour.

It can reassure a bride and their family that you are someone that they can always rely on for support.

Orange Ties

Orange ties are not the most popular option, and do you want to know why? They are considered something of a wild card. Wearing a bright orange tie, though, gives the impression that you are adventurous, open-minded and enthusiastic. It is also a colour that highlights confidence and excitement. Two qualities you will want to highlight on your wedding day.

Purple Ties

Purple ties are another not often seen on among the majority of men. However, when they are, they carry associations with wealth, royalty and the ideas of luxury and confidence.

When paired correctly with other pieces of clothing, it can give you a very elegant and formal appearance, but also one that drives home the idea that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin and with the choices you make. A word of caution would be that if you are looking for a tie colour to get across the fact that you are a simple man, purple is not your best option. Instead, it will have the opposite effect.

Green Ties

The colour green, especially in ties, symbolises the ideas of being down-to-earth, and of growth, wealth, wisdom, knowledge, reliability and practicality. If you want to give that impression, and also want to show your dynamic energy, freshness and balance, then brighter green tones are best.

Whereas if you are looking to show your serious and stable side, darker shades of the colour will work wonders.

A green tie could help show your wife-to-be that you are ready to accept the mantle and enjoy a rich and satisfying life together, where she can put her trust in you. It will also help her family to feel confident in your ability to look after their daughter.

Blue Ties

Blue is a colour that is associated closely with confidence, peace, calmness, stability and trust, which means blue ties are always a great option for weddings when all those qualities are important. Blue ties are also incredibly smart and will go well with lighter coloured shirts.

Yellow and Gold Ties

Yellow ties are power ties. However, compared to red another powerful colour, yellow is a lot more subtle. You could look at it as the more approachable relative of red. It is a good tie to wear if you want to show the guests in attendance, especially the father and mother of the bride that you are ready for the challenge of marriage.

Red Ties

As briefly mentioned above, red ties are also power ties. They show that you mean business and symbolise concepts like passion, dominance, authority, strength and wealth. If you are looking to achieve the most powerful look on your big day, choose a vibrant coloured tie like a solid-coloured ruby red or red silk tie. If you want to dampen the aggressiveness because you don’t want to come across too much like a domineering or bossy groom, choose something like a soft shade of burgundy.


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