Top 10 Popular Wedding Ties for Men Today

An essential part of any groom’s suit is the wedding tie. As every man will want to look his very best for their big day, a well-chosen tie can make all the difference. In the following post, we are going to discuss some of the best options out there for men today. It doesn’t matter whether you are the groom, father of the bride or just a guest trying to look his best, we have something here for everyone.

Tie and Matching Pocket Square

Before we dive deeper, it’s important to highlight that the most popular ties for weddings are always those that are paired up with a matching pocket square. This is a classic look, but one that has an enduring quality and works well for both more formal weddings and more casual events.

Paisley Pattern Ties

Paisley pattern ties are designed with weddings in mind. There is nothing more fitting than a man wearing an intractably patterned tie. The pattern was inspired by the feather-like, curved shape of the Indian pinecone and was originally associated with the concept of eternal life.

Ivory White Ties

Ivory White ties are obviously perfect for wearing to weddings and are very popular. Ivory as a colour is very appealing and suits the setting of a wedding and will go well with any wedding theme colour or suit colour. Ivory also symbolises the concepts of simplicity, innocence, purity and when chosen as the colour of a necktie it conveys the message that you are looking forward to the future with your bride.

Green Wedding Ties

Green ties are also incredibly popular for men attending weddings. Particularly with gentlemen who are looking to separate themselves from the crowd and stand out. Green represents nature and life and is also associated with concepts like wellbeing, adulthood and safety. Green ties will go well with dark grey or even black suits and because green is known to have a calming effect, it may be just what you need for such a stressful and exciting day as your wedding day.

Silver Ties

Silver ties have always been a go-to for many grooms the past because they have a stunning visual presence. They look restrained, but formally and smartly. If you are looking for a tie that will help the attention, go to your bride rather than yourself, a silver or grey tie is a great option. Likewise, if you are merely attending a wedding as a guest and want to make sure attention is not taken away from the couple getting married, silver is worth considering.

Blue Ties

Blue is one of the most common colours used for men’s neckties. It traditionally symbolises peacefulness and calmness, and navy blue is perhaps the most popular option for wedding ties. Even though it’s more colourful than silver or ivory white, blue has a similar ability to go well with just about any colour of suit and shirt.

Gold Ties

Although gold ties may have a more flamboyant look compared to other colours, they can convey the ideas of wealth, prosperity, passion, wisdom and compassion – several things you want your wife-to-be to think when she sees you.

Burgundy Ties

Interestingly, burgundy ties are actually higher on the list than you may think for popular options at weddings. Burgundy, a mix of brown and red with just a touch of purple has a long association with classiness, success and good manners. Therefore, any man who wears a burgundy tie to a wedding will be considered to be highly intelligent and loyal.

Pink Ties

Although previously, and wrongly, denoted as being a feminine colour, pink is recognised as the universal colour of love, making it the ideal choice for a wedding. If you want to wear something that conveys the idea of individualism, uniqueness and personality, pink is a solid bet. Men who wear pink ties are looked at as being uplifting, romantic, charming, playful and sweet.

Floral Ties

Last but by no means least we have floral ties. If you want to have a classic and sophisticated look for your wedding that matches the floral arrangements and your bride’s dress, then a floral tie is a great choice. Flowers are often associated with happy futures, the beauty of relationships, maturity, growth and life – all ideal concepts you will want to convey during your wedding!

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