Tying the Knot? Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Tie

Of all the things that are discussed with regards to planning for your wedding, when you’re a man, there is not often a lot of attention given to the suit, let alone the tie.

If you don’t believe us…watch any of those Don’t Tell the Bride programmes and you will see a lot of time and effort spent on the bride’s dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the venue and other things, with a small percentage of the time dedicated to picking out suits and men’s clothes.

However, like I Love You, Man, which is one of the few films that has a scene dedicated to men discussing what they are going to wear to a wedding, many men are taking more of an active approach to thinking about and choosing what they want to wear and not just settling on something.

There are plenty of other blogs out there that deal with choosing the right clothing, but what we want to help you with is choosing the best tie.

Use Your Wedding Colours

The first thing you need to do when choosing the right tie for your big day is to take into consideration the colour scheme. Whether you have a specific colour scheme or a theme, or nothing at all, you need to think about the colours of the tie and the colours of your suit and the colours of your bride and their wedding party. You need to think about it all because you want to complement rather than clash.

Pick The Suit

Most reading this will not do things backwards, so you will want to make sure you pick out your suit first before you pick the tie.

Although there are different schools of thought on what the best way is, we think it is often good to think about creating an impact when choosing the fabric. Consider a material that is quite heavy and is likely to hold its shape well. For example, if you are opting for a dinner suit or a morning suit, consider wool mohair or barathea. These fabrics are both known for creating very sharp and cool silhouettes.

There are some important rules to bear in mind if your wedding is in the summertime. Lighter toned greys are a very good, if formal shout. Grey has a real elegance to it and complements most skin colours and tones. Avoid the mistake of a navy blue, if blue is your thing, and instead choose a more grey-blue or mid-blue tone.

Now Comes the Tie

Now comes the bit we’ve all been waiting for – well maybe that’s just the team here at Knightsbridge Neckwear – choosing the tie. With the suit and colour scheme sorted, the first thing you need to consider is when you are getting married, which season and how formal your event is going to be.

When you have a summer wedding, you should pick a tie with a lighter colour and thinner fabric, than if your wedding is taking place in wintertime.

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