Wedding Tie Trends To Follow in 2023

Some great wedding clothing trends are heading your way in 2023. Flannel suits will be big and tuxedos are set to be hugely popular. Tweed and velvet are also big players for suit styles and bright pops of colour will be vying for attention alongside classic blues and earthy tones. We have a huge range of elegant ties for any wedding at Knightsbridge Neckwear.

Citrus Tie Trends For 2023 Weddings

Orange and yellow are huge colours in fashion in 2023, and these work brilliantly at weddings, particularly in spring and summer. We love this trendy orange floral wedding tie and pocket square set and this lovely yellow and lilac floral tie and pocket square if you are after a floral finish for your look. If you prefer a plain tie, then we have a range of yellow and orange neckwear available for you. We recommend these two sets: plain lemon woven silk wedding tie and pocket square set and plain tangerine woven silk tie and pocket square set.

Velvet Ties for 2023 Weddings

Velvet is set to be huge all year in 2023, so get in style with one of our wedding-perfect velvet ties. We love the rich and sumptuous feel and look of these gorgeous ties and we have a range of colours to work with any suit or look- velvet ties: Knightsbridge Neckwear. If you need more inspiration, then we suggest a versatile cobalt blue silk velvet tie or a rich red silk velvet tie which pairs perfectly with a black suit.

Burgandy and Red Ties for 2023 Weddings

Deep red and burgundy tones are huge in 2023 and we suggest you opt for one of these shades for an elegant and sophisticated look at any wedding. We have a wide selection of plain and patterned ties, but some of our top picks this year are a burgundy silk velvet tie, a red and tan paisley tie and pocket square set, a plain soft burgundy woven silk tie and pocket square set and a red floral tie and pocket square set.

Neckwear for 2023 Wedding Dinner Jackets and Tuxedos

Tuxedos and dinner jackets are a hot trend for weddings in 2023. We recommend a plain tie with a matching pocket square or even a ‘dickie bow’ to complete this look. Check out this plain black Marcella self-tie bow to perfect your stylish finish for any wedding or these great silk tie options such as our sky blue Dupion tie and pocket square set and this dark purple silk skinny tie and pocket square set.

Tweed Ties for 2023 Weddings

If you don’t have a tweed suit, or don’t want tweed to dominate your whole look at a wedding, then we recommend one of our great tweed ties to complete your wedding outfit. We have a varied selection, but some of our favourites for 2023 are this on-trend plain royal blue wool tweed tie, a lighter take on a classic tartan look with this beige and green tartan tweed tie, a fun twist on a check in this orange check tweed tie and finally this elegant pink herringbone pattern tweed tie.

Patterned Ties for 2023 Weddings

You can still rock a patterned tie at a 2023 wedding, but if you are wearing a patterned suit, then perhaps opt for a plainer tie with an interesting texture instead.

Some great options are this subtle sage paisley tie and pocket square and this gorgeous speckled soft pink wool tie. An elegant twist on a classic green set is this subtle stag design option: olive green stag design tie and pocket square

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