Wedding Ties for Grooms & Groomsmen Tie

It is no secret or surprise that a lot of planning is involved in a wedding. From the bride’s dress to what her bridesmaids will wear to the venue, cake, and food as well as how many guests will be attending and where they will be sitting, these are all things people know need to be sorted for a wedding. There are some things you may not have given a second thought about, such as choosing the right wedding tie. Wedding ties for weddings can be just as complicated as any other part, though. They don’t need to be, and we are here to stop things from getting too complicated.

You’ve probably worn a tie at least once in your life. The big problem with choosing ties for weddings is that there is a ridiculous volume of variety to choose from. To help you make sense of it all, we are going to break it down into simple sections.

First, let’s discuss the differences in tie shapes.

Necktie or Bowtie
You may wonder, do you need a necktie, or should you be wearing a bowtie? Well, the easiest way to establish that is by answering the following question – are you having a more casual wedding or a very formal one?
For casual weddings, neckties are the better choice. The great thing is that even if your wedding is hard to categorise in some way, you can’t go wrong with a necktie as there are only a small number of dress codes and scenarios where neckties will look wrong.
If you are having a black-tie optional or strictly black tie dress code for your wedding, you need a bowtie. However, they can work, if you can pull off the look, for an informal wedding, too.

Now onto colours

Wedding Neckwear Colours
You will find that a lot of couples opt for a wedding tie for the groom and the groomsmen in a colour that ties in with one or more of the overall wedding theme colours. However, there is no reason why you need to do this if it’s not important to you.

Choosing Fabric
After you’ve established the type of neckwear you want to wear at your wedding and the colours, you need to consider the fabric. The reason you should even be given this much intricate and specific thought towards the tie fabric is that some materials are better suited to certain seasons.

So, try to pie a tie in a fabric that works for the season your wedding is taking place in. For instance, for summer and spring weddings, linen and cotton are ideal, whereas wool flannel, knit silk and velvet ties are better for winter and fall.

What About the Groomsmen and Their Ties?
If you are not fussed about how the groomsmen look in comparison to you, then any of the options we’ve discussed above can be used for groomsmen ties too. If, though, you want to stand out more, there are several easy ways to make this possible:

• If the groom is wearing a necktie, the groomsmen could wear bowties or the reverse.
• Groomsmen wear solid colours when the groom is wearing a patterned tie
• Groomsmen wear colour ties when the groom is wearing black
• Groomsmen don’t wear ties and the groom wears a tie.

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