What Kind of Ties Are In Style?

It doesn’t matter if it’s solely for work or social occasions or big celebrations, any self-respecting man needs to have a decent collection of ties. As there are so many different variations, you may wonder what kind of ties are actually in style.

In the following post, we are going to highlight the types of ties you should consider investing in.


Don’t be scared of the neckerchief, guys. Once you put this on and rock it with confidence, it won’t feel so strange. As it’s not formal neckwear, it’s perfect for those occasions when you want to wear something around your neck but don’t want to feel restricted by a collared shirt.


The cravat is definitely more formal than a neckerchief, but an equally interesting alternative to wearing a straightforward necktie.

Western Bowtie

A classic from the Deep South of America, the western bowtie is a different take on the traditional bowtie. For many people, Colonel Sanders may come to mind when they see this type of bowtie. However, as a casual form of bowtie, it’s a good choice for those occasions where you don’t need to be dressed too fancy.

Classic Bowtie

If you want to look dapper at the most formal occasions and events in your calendar, then you want a traditional bowtie. Although you could get away with it in everyday wear, we would suggest you save it for weddings, cocktail parties, and balls – basically, anything you may well a full suit or tuxedo to.

Skinny necktie

One of many different takes on the traditional four-in-hand tie, the skinny necktie first became popular during the 50s through to the 60s and is synonymous with bands like The Beatles, who used to wear them while performing. They haven’t lost their charm, especially with the trendiest men out there, and look equally as good and fitting for formal situations like the office and a heady nighty on the town.

Four-in-Hand Tie

We purposely went through this list in the wrong order so that we ended on the most traditional and commonly found necktie these days, deliberately, so you could learn about the other options out there. This has definitely not gone out of style and not only will you find this style of a tie in a variety of materials, patterns, colours, and widths, once you start playing around with different knots, but you also have a lot of mileage out of such a small accessory.

Knitted Ties

Knitted ties, as you may have guessed it are knitted instead of being woven. Although this has more to do with the fabric used, it’s still valid as a different style of tie. Generally speaking, you’ll find them characterised by their open wave and with a narrow blade and square ends.

Tweed Ties

Tweed ties are also extremely popular right now. Tweed, for the uninitiated, is a very coarse and woolen fabric that is usually woven with a very plain weave, herringbone, or twill structure. Tweed ties bring a certain old-world elegance to a suit or outfit.

Clip-On Ties

The secret weapon of any man who wants to look great without faffing around with ties and knots, the clip-on tie is also worth considering.

Extra-Long Ties

As the name suggests, these are longer than average ties and are perfect if you want to achieve a specific type of knot or are particularly tall and have a long torso.

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