When should you wear a tie?

A question that leaves men baffled when they are dressing up for a big day or even for casual outings. With ties being styled in a plethora of ways, and there being a whole gamut of colours, patterns and textures, the question ‘when should one wear a tie’ gets more and more difficult to answer. We love a good tie at Knights Bridge Neckwear, but we wanted to know whether you guys appreciate a good tie on all occasions. We conducted a survey that featured job interviews, dates and weddings and let you guys answers whether it is appropriate to wear a tie for these occasions. Let us take a look at the results:

Wearing a tie at work

Would you wear a tie at work? Or at a job interview? Confused? Let your fellow men’s answers give you some clarity. About 80% of the survey takers were in favour of wearing a tie at a job interview. Tie at a job interview, paired with formals, gives you an edge in terms of looking clean, sharp and professionals. First impressions are crucial when you are interviewing for a job position, and dressing for the part always makes a good impression. However, when you land a job, the rules take a little turn. We asked men whether they would wear a tie on a regular basis to their jobs and 59% said they would, and the remaining 41% said they wouldn’t. You can play by the rules of your office. A lot of offices allow casual dressing on a daily basis, and some still believe in the professionalism that comes with wearing a tie. You make your pick depending on the vibe that you want to give off at your office, or just go with the dress code.

Wearing a tie on a first date

Dates these days are more relaxed, and both parties want to chill and hang out. One of the occasions that do not call for suiting up. Whether you go out for drinks, a movie or a brunch showing up fully suited would make you look stiff and too uptight. About 85% of you voted against wearing a tie on a first date, and the reason is valid. 

What if all your dates after the first one go really well and things start to get serious? Would you wear a tie to meet your partner’s parents? 55% said they would, while the other 45% said they wouldn’t. This is more subjective than general, and there are a lot of factors like where you are meeting them, at a fancy restaurant or at home, whether they would be more impressed with a relaxed first impression or they would incline towards a serious-looking guy. It is best you consult your better half and make your final decision.

Should you wear a tie at a wedding?

Well if it’s your own wedding, it is finally time to suit up! A whopping 92% of you voted for wearing a tie on your big day with your suit, while a tiny percentage opted out of wearing a tie. All eyes are usually on the bride during a wedding, but you can surely make heads turn if you go with a classic and timeless suit and tie attire.

What if it’s a friends or relative’s wedding? Should you still wear a tie? Our survey results show that 90% of men would wear a tie to someone else’s wedding, with 10% opting out and going for a more casual look. Even if you are a guest, weddings are fancy affairs and it is only fitting to wear a tie to a wedding.

Voila! There you go. A lot of men voted that they would wear ties to job interviews, weddings, while a lot of them were divided on the matter of wearing a tie to a first date, meeting the partner’s parents or wearing it to work. It all boils down to the people and the place, there aren’t any standard rules of dressing in social situations nowadays- just remember to have fun while assembling your outfit! 

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